More Book Feedback

Went to see Ryan today and got some more feedback on the book. He pointed out that the clouds on the Talking Bird piece aren’t the same style as the rest of the illustration, which is true, though I kind of like the contrast. But I will have a look at it if I have time and try different clouds.

Secondly he had an idea that it might be nice with little illustrations/doodles in between the text. I am not sure it would work with the style, but if I get some time I will look into it as my initial plan was to have more illustrations.

Finally there’s the cover, I did struggle making it, and absolutely agree with Ryan when he says that it doesn’t represent the content of the book. The cover itself is nice, but it looks more like the cover of a ‘About Design’ book than a story book. This thought has been in the back of my head for a while and as it was brought up I was forced to deal with it, which is good. I sat down and came up with two (and a half) other alternatives, as seen below.


WordPress is for some reason messing with the colours, they should not be this saturated. Anyhow, I like both alternatives, though I think the bottom one is more child friendly and thus might fit better.


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