Peer Feedback from me 2

After Behance announced that they would remove the WIP function most people in my year decided to post their work on facebook instead to get feedback. I gave some feedback, the ones I could find I have collected below.


For Elliot McArthur: I really like the kick! Looks very powerful. When he lands after the jump the peg leg slides back really fast, looks a bit weird to me… with something that sharp it doesn’t feel like it should do much sliding, more like it would get stuck, if that makes sense. But if you do want the slide, then I’d say make it slower. Hope that make sense!



For Link Jaydee: It looks cool! But watch out with the anatomy, the arms are too far down/too long. Especially the left shoulder, where it dips in now is lower than the clavicle. I am liking the design though!



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