Peer Feedback from me

I have been giving some feedback to my peers on Behance. Below are the comments I made and the relevant images.


For Alissa Dolan:This is adorable! And I think that the added shadows helps with the colour issue you had. The pink background also makes her pop out a bit more 🙂 Good job!

As she was wondering if her changes in colour and shading had helped.



For Sophie North: He looks really cool! I especially like the thoughtful expression you managed in the left hand sketch, maybe try and use that for the full figure as well? It’s a really neat design though 🙂 Only thing that I thought of when reading the text was that he’s missing his cloak, but of course he could have taken it off. Good luck!



For Alissa Dolan: Oooh looks very nice! I like the subtle animations, makes it come to life 🙂 To me it looks like the guy gets happy to see you come in to the bar, not sure if that’s what you were going for, but I like it. 




For Fruzsina Pittner: Oooh, this is really lovely! Love the colours, and depth, and movement! The only thing that sticks out to me is that the closes columns doesn’t have any shadows. Looks a little off considering the rest of the columns does and there’s no obvious light source coming from the left. Truly though, stunning work! 

Reply: Ah, thart’s a very good point, actually! Thank you! 🙂






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