On Wednesday I went to talk to Lynn, showing her my project and getting some feedback which was very helpful. She had a look at my illustrations and pointer out a fair few things which I have taken into consideration and changed accordingly.

For the Eagles illustration she thought it to be a bit flat because of how similar the colours of the eagles and the background are. She also pointed out that the eagle under the dove was very close, and because of the shape of the wing it looks a bit too perfect. I played around with colours to see what would work, and moved the eagle a bit.

I ended up with these two, in the end going with the green one, as the yellow was a bit much/doesn’t harmonize as well.

Next up was the illustration for the Mermaid of Zennor. Previously, on Behance, I had gotten the feedback that the anchor is missing a shadow and so this I had already fixed.

The feedback from Behance:

“Looks really interesting! Love the effect you managed to get with the reflections of the merpeople especially. My only suggestion is to maybe make sure that the area of the anchor on the far left of the image has that darker edge to it like the rest of the anchor does, as that one side looks quite flat at the moment.”

Lynn said she really liked the layout of it, but wondered if maybe some bubbles around the mermaids could give it a bit more movement. She also thought I’d try to make the surface of the ocean visible in the same style as the floor.

I did try, as you can see, to make the ocean surface visible, but I ended up not liking it much and sticking with the version without it. I did however add the bubbles to the mermaids, which I like. I will need to print the illustration though, to make sure they are visible in print.

Then  we have Canobie Dick… for this one Lynn had a bunch of little pointers. First she thought it looks like there’s a cliff on the right side, suggested that I might add a hill behind it, which I did, and I agree it looks better/less of an abrupt end. Then there’s the strangers face, which is too light, and she said maybe adding a shadow hinting at a face might be a good idea as people tend to look at faces, and a blank one is quite boring. then the cane was not highlighted enough, and we discussed the position of the stranger, she first thought there was something off with the way he was standing. I honestly couldn’t see what she meant, but I had a look at it later, putting myself in the position, and I found it worked, at least for me, so that I let be.


Lynn liked the layout, and we discussed the different fonts; she pointed out that the swirly one I liked looks like something you see in a restaurant which I saw as soon as she said it, making me take that font off the list.

She also suggested that I try to make the symbols for the spread with the illustrations in matching colours, something I tried and liked.



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