I have decided to use Blurb for printing my book as it seems to be the best one. However, they do not do A4 sized books, so I had to pick a size they do do. I am therefor going with 15×23 cm, which is a bit smaller, but the only bigger one they do is a square one, which I am not interested in.

On top of that, the size I decided on is one which has to have the number of pages dividable by 6, so my page count of 38 would not do. I couldn’t go down to 36 as I can’t just remove some text… for obvious reasons. My only choice was then to go up to 42 pages… which means I needed to fill 4 more pages. After some shuffling and thinking I ended up using them for a filler page at the start with just the name of the book, a ‘translated by’ page, a ‘dedicated to’ page and a ‘thanks to’ page at the end.

While looking around blurbs website I found that they have a plug-in for InDesign which gives you the template you need for the sizes they have, so obviously I got that and started putting it all together. At this point I realized that the illustrations I have done do not have bleed margins, and so I set to fix that… I will make sure to do that from the start with the other two as it too way too long.



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