Canobie Illustration Tests

Making the illustration for Canobie Dick proved to be trickier than I first thought. I tried many things for both the figures textures and the background. I managed to get to a point where I started to like it, I had an idea which I tried out with a water colour texture that is not mine as you can see here (the night sky is not mine).


I then decided to try and make it myself, though I wanted a darker version. My first attempt was a bit too dark (the one to the left), but then I added the light source and I think it looks quite nice (right one).



I was unsure about what it was but something felt off about this piece, so I asked a friend for feedback and she said that the shirt stood out a bit too much/that it didn’t fit in with the rest/it was too busy. Which is very true and so I went on a mission to fix that, and tada! much better. She also pointed out that the night sky didn’t look quite right, the start were too spread out, so I made some changes there as well, adding stars and depth.




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