McManus Gallery Visit Sheet

I picked the piece featured below.

Title of work: Walk Across Sutherland

Artist’s name: Marshall Anderson

Year: 1992

First Impression: Interested in the piece itself and also how it is presented.

Description: A large montage of 24 A4 drawings. Charcoal and chalk. Hand stitched together with linen thread. Very dark and broody colours.

Observations: As far as I can tell this piece was made to depict or document Marshall’s walk across Sutherland. He drew one a day… to me it just shows the harsh beauty of Scottish nature.

Critical View: With quick and less detailed strokes I think Marshall has done a good job of showing the moods and shapes of Sutherland nature. There is a lack of colour which makes the whole piece somewhat bland, but then again Scotland is very cloudy and grey so it’s not very surprising.

Reflective View: I quite like it. It is moody, kind of grumpy, but still has a overall stillness to it. It calms me in a way.

Influence: I think this piece has proven to me that not everything needs to be detailed and precise to be beautiful. That sometimes a bit messiness and harsh strokes can be good and pretty too.

Action Response: I will try to be less careful when sketching in the future. Not worrying so much about details.


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