Folktales update

I now have six folktales picked, and I’m waiting for a few Hungarian ones to pick the last one from. A friend of mine is translating them as I could not find any in English. I have also changed the English folktale I had before (Maud and the dragon) as I found a nicer one with more interesting visuals. Maud and the dragon was also a bit cliche for my taste, which is why I was searching for another. The Latvian tale is a bit more childish then the others, but I could not find any folktales a t all so a friend of mine was nice enough to translate one she knew, and I do really like it so I figured that even though it’s maybe for a slightly younger audience it doesn’t mean a little older kids won’t enjoy it anyway.

The list now looks like this:

Twelve Months (Russia)

The Eagles (Poland)

The Mermaid of Zennor (England)

Canobie Dick (Scotland)

Beasts and The Hod-maker (Latvia)

The Golden Tree, the Singing River and the Talking Bird (Sweden)



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