Meeting with Ryan

Today I talked to my module tutor about my project and though he seemed to like the idea he voiced a worry about it maybe being too big. I don’t think it will be, but we agreed that I shall continue on with my plan for now, doing the research and so on, and then in a few weeks we’ll talk again and see how it goes. If I then still feel like it’s a doable amount of work I can carry on but obviously if I realize that it might be too much I will change my course of action to maybe only having one folktale to focus on.

My next step will therefor be to collect the folktales I want to use, then plan out which illustrations would be necessary, meanwhile doing style research and style tests. And then try to make an illustration, put it together as it would be in the book with the text and see how long that takes me. From there I hope I will be able to tell if it’s doable or not.


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