My plan as of now, is to make a collection of European folktales, picking one from each country where I have a friend from. My group of friends happen to be a rather multicultural one, and so I thought it would be nice to interpret that.

I have been looking for folktales for days now, having found some, but not as many as I’d hoped. I wish to have a large amount of them to pick from so I can get a selection which works well together… we’ll see if I can manage that though.

I have however asked a friends mother, who is a librarian and story enthusiast, to help. She has agreed to provide me with some Swedish folktales, and perhaps some Nordic ones as well.

As a side note I also want the folktales to be old, so that they are in the public domain, so that if I wish to, I could publish this book when it’s finished.

The folktales I have found so far and are considering using are:

Twelve Months (Russia), The Eagles (Poland) and Maud and the Dragon (England).




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