Final feedback

After fixing all the things previously brought up in feedback sessions I asked a few of my peers to once again take a look and see what they think. First of all it seems that the buttons are working! All that was said about them was that they work a lot better now than before.

A few minor things like spelling and the colour of the puzzle were pointed out, all of which I have now fixed. This is what some of the screen looked like at this point.

blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4

After this I received  feedback from my tutor, who brought up a few point which needed fixing. First of all he mentioned that the background, with the fingerprint, made him think about crime solving and murder mysteries, and that he couldn’t shake that thought. I don’t understand how this is a bad thing though, as it was my intention was to give it a ‘crime vibe’, as the user gets to solve cases and/or stop bad things from happening in the ‘mission’ part of the app. I did speak to a few peers, asking for their opinion on the matter, they all like the background as it is, so I decided to keep it.

He also pointed out that the arrows looked off, he thought the overlapping was a mistake rather that folded paper, and so I did some thinking and experimenting and ended up with a new solution.

Next up he brought up the fact that some of the textures were blurry, which I had somehow missed… they have now been fixed.

There was a suggestion to add a map to the screen with the running, but as I have designed the app to work in a gym, this is not necessary. The reason I designed it to be for gym use only is because the app sometimes tells the user to suddenly stop and do something else, and this might not be safe if they are outdoors.

Then there’s the white-out thing which can be seen above in image 2, my tutor found it to be a bit too intense, which I agree with. I therefor re-designed those screens to be easier on the eye and neater.

He also suggested some ideas for the ‘Congratulation’ screen, not saying why, but it did make me think, and the screen was rather boring, especially when it’s purpose is to congratulate someone. I tested some different ideas, and after consulting a friend ended up with medals, bronze, silver and gold depending on how well you do.

Further more the lack of navigation options were pointed out, so I have added ‘quit’ buttons, to let the user go back to the main menu, or to quit the app completely. Below you can see the changes made to the screens I showed above.

FinalVersion_1i FinalVersion_1j FinalVersion_1l FinalVersion_1m

All the new screens can be seen here:


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