Feedback is a go!

During the last couple of days I have been showing the invisionapp prototype to people, trying to get feedback on it. Below is a collection of said feedback, in order of importance. 1-4 are a must, I really want to fix nr 5, 6-12 will be dealt with if there’s time, and nr 13 will most likely be ignored as it’s just too much work and I don’t know if it would work at all.

  1. Background tests (paper?)
  2. Make it clear that buttons are buttons, Origami buttons?
  3. Swap the arrows
  4. Change the numbers to have circles instead of the bar for the puzzle.
  5. Break down the text on the test screen. Letting the user get used to where information will be. Make the important parts more visible (3km). Change the layout… white box is boring, and text too much.
  6. More arrows?
  7. Less text
  8. Do not need to tell them to press done when done.
  9. Make the congratulation screen more exciting. You want the user to get a boost from seeing it. Re-think the ‘level names’. Diploma?
  10. Should be able to put weight and height in in other units (metric, stones)
  11. Should tell the user how long a mission will take (approx.) before they have to decide if they accept it or not.
  12. More gritty?
  13. Ink on the background?

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