Compiled Research

To find out what people like and want in their fitness apps I asked people to tell me about their experiences and thoughts. Below I have compiled a list of everyone’s comments so far. I will make sure to use this list when deciding what the app should feature.

A friend of mine who is a personal trainer (Dan), pointed out that there are many different kinds of health and fitness apps, and to ask what people like/dislike across all of them might not be as useful as asking about a specific kind (the kind I am making). So when I know for sure which kind of app I am designing I will ask him to give me some pointers, and I will keep that in mind when using the list below, as some points might not be applicable.

  • The choice if you want notifications and how many.
  • Diagram/tracker in minimal daily exercise needed to be ‘healthy’. Including cycling to work and small things like taking the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Able to set and finish small goals
  • Getting a small digital reward for finishing a goal. (New background colour or something else useless )
  • First of all you should be able to log your weight, height, age and sex.
  • Secondly it should preferably have a feature so that the user is able to set specific goals.
  • Goals could be amount of time spent “being active” during a day, footsteps or amount of burned calories.
  • Dietary support in which you may enter what you’ve eaten OR are given proposals of healthy meals.
  • Measure sleeps activity through manual input?
  • Diagrams and charts describing the user’s daily/weekly/monthly values and results.
  • Reminders of the above in the form of notifications.


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