Evaluations – Doodles take 2

While waiting for my next lecture I thought I’d try my hand at the doodling exercise again. However I had forgotten my sketchbook at home, which is why this one is made on lined paper. Just like the last time the first few sketches where kind of stiff and not very good, but I get better way faster this time, getting into the flow of the movements and just having fun with it. Again I tried to not lift the pen of the paper for a few of them, and not only do I like the result most of the time, it’s also great fun! It’s an exercise I’ll do again for sure. Showing the doodles to a friend who also saw my last attempt, she agreed with me that I relaxed into it much faster than before. She also thinks that it’s interesting to see how my style changes when I don’t lift the pen of the paper and urged me to try that again, which I of course agree with.



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