Picking a brief

Today I finally made a decision when it comes to which brief to do for this semester. I was picking between five different ones (Branding, Product Design, User Experience Design, Interactive Graphic Novel and UX Design). First to go was UX Design, simply because the other ones are more down the path I eventually see myself  working with. The after writing a pros and cons list of the remaining four I decided to go with the health and fitness app in the User Experience Design brief, the reason being that I think I can learn the most from it, and that what I learn will help me with my future carer. However I was very tempted by the Product Design brief, so I think what I will do is to design a few of the mentioned items on my free time.

I have started doing some research into my choice of brief , looking at some existing apps and how they work/are designed. A favorite of mine is the ‘Zombie’s, Run!’ app which makes the user run by pretending they are followed by zombies. Personally I highly dislike running, but this app is actually making me consider it.

I am going to explore similar ways of designing a fitness app as the idea to make fitness and exercise more interesting to people that normally might not be as inclined to intriguing.

Here’s a link to the app… I think I might be getting it now.


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