Evaluation – People Doodle

The second week brought us the second evaluation of the semester. This time we were told to once again find a suitable spot somewhere around the university, but rather than drawing the space we were to draw people. More precisely quick doodles of people, no longer than 1-2 min per doodle. After looking around to find a good place I finally decided to sit in the café which turned out to be a pretty good decision as there were plenty of people both standing, sitting walking and even some running.

To a beginning I found it really difficult, as you can see by the first couple of sketches, but then I started to get into it a bit and I was actually surprised at the difference. The more I relaxed and didn’t think so much about getting details right, the easier it got and the more I enjoyed it. However after about an hour I was exhausted, I did not realize how tiring it would be, and so I filled up the last page before stopping. Speaking of the last page, a friend suggested I’d do some doodles without lifting the pen from the paper, which I did, and though it was a bit tricky it made me let go even more and move my arm instead of just my wrist. I was quite happy with the result as well.

My idea was to try and capture the character of the people in the doodles, which I think I managed with a few of them. I thought it’d be a good thing to have to go back to in the future when making characters, just to get ideas. I will defiantly do more of this ‘people doodling’ in the future, as it really helped me with relaxing into the drawing.

doodle1 doodle2 doodle3 doodle4 doodle5 doodle6 doodle7 doodle8


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