Evaluation – Perspective drawing

For the first practical of the semester we were asked to draw a perspective drawing of an open space in the university. We had about one and a half hour to do so. When looking for a suitable space to try and capture I found a very nice staircase, but quickly realized that the circular columns and swirly patterns in the rail where going to be a bit too challenging for the short time frame. Instead I decided on a spot on the second floor which seemed less curvy. The new place turned out to be a bit tricky as well, but I stuck with it as there was not enough time to find another one. In the end I managed to finish my drawing within the time frame without stressing too much. My initial observation might have been slightly off, but I still managed to capture the chosen perspective without too many flaws. Like Ryan pointed out in class, I accidently stretched the perspective somewhat, something I will pay more attention to in the future in order to avoid. Unless of course that at some point is an effect I am aiming for.

I have been working on improving my line work, making it less sketchy and more precise. For this exercise I started off in a rather sketchy fashion, but quickly tried to fix it and continue with neater lines which are always difficult when drawing straight lines without the help of a ruler. There is still a lot of progress left when it comes to my line work, but I think I am on the right path.

I find that I often get distracted when trying to sit and draw from life, which sometimes leads to me giving up. This time I obviously stuck with it, but I would like to be disciplined enough to always finish the drawings I start with even if I am on my own just drawing for the fun of it, or for practice. That is not to say they all have to be finished pieces of art, just that there is usually no reason to stop half way through a sketch.

I enjoyed this exercise even though it was challenging, or perhaps that is the reason I did enjoy it so much. I have always liked perspective and this exercise reminded me of that, and I will now try and do more of it, because it is an area I would like to improve within. Like Ryan suggested, I will start off with somewhat easier perspectives and then work my way up to the trickier ones, at least for when I don’t have very long to do them. I would like to go back to the staircase at some point and try my hand at it, but I think a few easier practice runs are in order before then.



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